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World-class leaders for an innovative human resource management.

Who we are

DSquare Consultancy and Business services is a well-established manpower recruitment and staffing service provider. The DSquare team is involved with an entirely experienced recruitment professionals who have a highly developed network of recruitment industry contacts. The recruiter has proficient level of experience in carious recruitment processes as well as in white- and blue-collar manpower, whether it is about overseas or if it is about local requirement, DSquare group guarantees the best services provided. Our services have reached to many of our well-known clients and because of that sole purpose, our clients choose DSquare as their only service provider.


To be a world-class leader for an innovative practice of Human Resource Management
To provide employers with the best possible services to ensure the completion of their needs


To build exceptional relationships and partnerships with employers to simplify the human management process through an extraordinary service delivery


We offer overseas recruitment program from 20 countries

We provide professional local recruitment based on client needs

We provide end to end services for a complete recruitment process

We conduct thorough search and find the best possible candidates needed for the job


We screen the job seekers profile as per the employer’s requirement

We manage the pre-hiring documentation of each screened job

We arrange the interview programs as per as employers schedule

We maintain the hiring timeline as per as the employers need

We maintain the highest level of professionalism for the business


We are one of the most professional & competitive recruitment consultancy located in Doha, Qatar.

Cleaning And Hospitality

Several Cleaning and hospitality companies around Qatar

Delivery Companies

Many delivery companies around Qatar.

Trading And Contracting

Many different companies in Qatar

Logistic Firms

Different logistic firms around Qatar

Oil And Gas Factories

Many oil and gas industries located in Qatar.

Airports And Hospitals

Different categories of employees provided in Qatar